About Chloé Ramseyer

The “Art Deco” style has shaped my artistic and aesthetic perceptions since I was a small child, having grown up in a family environment in which its values were everywhere around me. While still young I was enthused by clothes, material, embroidery, alluring shapes and, quite naturally, by fashion.

My first perceptions of fashion came from watching the catwalks of Lacroix and Gaultier: the Theatrical Style. I obtained this artistic background primarily from my father, who was a professor of visual arts, a painter, but also a dancer and artistic director.

From this focused heritage, I developed a strong taste for the act of creation, design, materials and the skills of creative artists.

The house of CHLOÉ RAMSEYER was founded in 2015.

My bags join practicality with style, elegance and volume. To be worn or carried both day and evening by the boldest of us, my bags are designed to be noticed. Decorated with gleaming clasps and other jewels, my creations pay homage to the “années folles”, an age of prints in profusion, of sophisticated details and embroidery.

Every collection is made in Italy in limited series, by the finest craftsmen chosen for their quality requirement.